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Home of the Lions

Mascot: Lion

School Colors: Yellow and Navy Blue

Grades: K-5    Enrollment: 420

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to create a passion for life long learning.  Through a climate of dedication, love, and respect, our school community nurtures children to become productive and responsible citizens.

Location and Attendance Area: Our attendance area covers a large area of city and rural lands in the north and east sections of the city. The school is sited on a twenty-acre parcel of land on the lower sloping uplands of Roxy Ann Peak. The school is elevated above the surrounding land giving us a panoramic 360-degree view of the City of Medford and the Bear Creek Valley. Also sited on the school land is three-acres of wetlands, which students are restoring as a part of our goal to give students real-life science experiences. Teachers and students are developing the wetlands in cooperation with Medford School District.

School Facilities: Abraham Lincoln Elementary School was designed by a committee of forty district employees and Doug Snider, architect. The building was selected and featured in the 1998 issue of Learning by Design magazine. In designing our 63,500 square foot school, the Medford School District sought to build a prototype for future elementary schools. The south end of the building houses the office, media center, computer lab, gymnasium, music room/stage/little theatre complex, gymnasium, and some conference rooms. These were designed to allow use for community and night activities, while being able to close off the north end of the building for security purposes.  All classrooms have several computers and every computer is hooked to the District's Main Frame Computer, to our own building network, and to the Internet (Filtered).

Transportation: Students who live more than one mile from school are bussed to and from our school. Children who live less than a mile from Abraham Lincoln Elementary walk to school. Walking students use city sidewalks. We provide adult crossing guards at the Delta Waters Road crosswalk.

Middle School and High School Attendance Areas: After finishing sixth grade, our students attend Hedrick Middle School and North Medford High School. Hedrick Middle School is located two miles south of our school. All Abraham Lincoln Elementary students live in areas that provide bussing to and from Hedrick. North Medford High School is located one mile to our south. Some of our students live within high school bussing areas and some live in walking areas.